Mauna Kea Morning

So it’s been a long time since I’ve managed to make a post, sorry! This is partly due to us being very busy for awhile (we’re actually extremely short of free time up here) and partly because my laptop decided it’d had enough and quietly laid down for a good coma. Between attempting to salvage my data, fix it, and get a new laptop, I couldn’t post!

Now however, I do have a new laptop! It’s very pretty and I talk to it, which I’m sure I’ll get over soon, but the graphics card is so good that Photoshop is smooth as silk and just…ah! So I thought I’d make a short post for you guys just as fast as I could. Nothing crazy, just letting you know I’m alive, and that if I’m going to suddenly wake up full of energy at 5:30 in the morning, I’m at least going to take a series of pictures of Mauna Kea for you!

So below I present you…the sun rising outside our window from about 5:42am to like 8am! I’ll get to longer posts shortly!

Mauna Kea 1
I call this shot “Why am I awake right now?!”


Mauna Kea 2
Ok finally a little light, no more seeing ghosts in the shadows of the kitchen. This place is creepy at night!
Mauna Kea 3
I swear it’s brighter, see the blue sky in the left side of the picture? And look at that cloud ocean! Nimbus surfing anyone?


Mauna Kea 4
Now we’re getting some color! It looks a bit like Pele thinks it’s too early too, trying to pull a cloud blanket back over her head for a few more minutes of rest.
Mauna Kea 5
Yeah, she’s totally still sleepy. That mountain is tucked in nice and tights!


Hope you’re all having a grand time on Earth, and keep your eyes peeled! I’m trying to finish a new art piece, and I’ve been practicing drawing heads so you might get a post about sketching practice!

Adieu mes amies!


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