6 Months Baby!

I’m not allowed on the computer today because it’s our six month anniversary of being in the dome! That means I need to get off-line, keep working on the chocolate ganache cake, and get rolling in Pandemic Legacy! But I had made a six month portrait of the crew, based on Tetris, since our dome was bankrolled by the guy who brought the game to the States. You know you all played that on your calculator in high school. Hope you enjoy seeing goofy moments of our lives, and wish us luck on the next half-year!

Space-Marmot (my call sign, yeah, I know) signing off! Talk to ya soon!

Random moments of the last six months scattered among Tetris blocks! Yay!

4 thoughts on “6 Months Baby!

  1. Yay, congratulations! Cool portrait thingie too! I’m glad you gave yourself a day off, but didn’t you have to get on the computer to write this post? 😛


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