Muppet Science

Ok so it’s been awhile, sorry sorry, but I’ve only got 3 weeks left in the Spring semester and then the summer is off! Or more off than my life is now, still have all the dome stuff I need to take care of, but hey, I’ll have a bit more time for you guys!

Since I never have time to pull together everything I need to do a long post on aspects of the habitat you nerds might actually care about (but I’ll get around to it eventually) I’m doing another art piece! Yes I spend time on this stuff, keeps me from going insane and eating my shoes, and I need those to walk across the lava fields. This time, I went with a more flat style and chose the Muppets as my theme!

My idea revolves around Beaker, that goofy Muppet shaped like a beaker (duh) and always goes “meee meee meee!!” before something terrible happens to him, like getting shot out of a cannon. Totally one of my favorites. This time, he’s still having some science done to him, but at least the other Muppets are getting their fair share of bad luck too, ha!

To start, the linework!

Progress 1
We start with the line work, this was all done in Rhino3D, since I’m still more comfortable with lines in there than I am in Adobe Illustrator. Going for a rack of test tubes, each Muppet has his own, and Beaker is just freakin out like always.
Progress 2
I drew Beaker first, almost to the point where he’d be considered done. I wanted to have fun seeing what I could do with his colors, reproducing his lab coat, and making that hair as crazy as it is in the show. I tend to favor dark navy backgrounds too, can ya tell?
Progress 3
Here we’ve made the assorted beakers off-white, so they show up and resemble glass, and I’ve started filling in the rest of the Muppets. Kermis is pretty obvious, and I was having trouble with Swedish Chef for awhile. The hat is fun, floating away on a bubble, but I could not make his nose and eyes look good at all, blah!
Progress 4
Finally got rid of the crazy eyebrows of the Swedish Chef, and fixed up Sam Eagle and Fozzy Bear. The thing about Fozzy is that he’s essentially just a brown bear. With a brown hat that you can’t do anything with, it’s brown! So I had his scarf in there flowing around, little brown bear hair wisps for his smoky stuff, and of course, the banana cream pie. It’s his calling card after all. Sam Eagle is fizzing with patriotism of course, it’s the American way.
Progress 5
And the finished product! I lightened up the wood a bit, and managed to finally get something for Animal that I enjoyed. He’s always got that chain and manacle, putting them on the beaker he’s melted in was hilarious to me. So there you have it! Science with the Muppets, featuring everyone’s favorite jittery goofball, Beaker!

Hope you enjoyed it! A bit of a simpler one, but still took me ages because I was working in a style I’ve never tried before. Could always be better, but I’m glad to be done!

If you’re feeling in the mood, it’s up for voting on Threadless right now too!

I wish I could write more, but thesis is due in a couple weeks and I’m only just past 100 pages, gotta get crackin! I’ll try to drop in here more often, life just always gets in the way.

Laters y’all!


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