Grow Up Mario!

And after about seventeen years I finally finished drawing this one as well as the border I wanted for it, phew! Took me forever. But here is the progress for the completion of the red Mario mushroom, which if you can get past the piranha plants will allow you to take one extra hit from flying turtles, chain chomps, or huge bullet things. Bowser too of course, that guy is a cranky one.

Grow Mushroom
To start, the basic pen drawing! I sort of just sat down and made this one, so there wasn’t a pencil sketch or anything to start from. Full disclosure, just wanted to draw a crazy mutated mushroom and realized after the pen drawing was done that I could make it into a Mario theme, ha!
Grow Mushroom Color Process 1
And starting to color things! Had a lot of fun playing with red colors, as you can tell. Made it all 3D and fun, yes! I enjoy doing the coloring of pen drawings.
Grow Mushroom Color Process 2
And starting to get the colors of the grass and rocks and stuff in as well. Just to make sure the center of the picture is nice and put together, because the border of this thing ended up taking a long time to put together!


Grow Mushroom Color Process 3
Trying to figure out what I’d like for the border, the grass is a little creepy yeah?


Grow Mushroom Color Process 5
Yeah that grass was creepy and I replaced it with a bunch of chompy piranha plants. But…they’re sorta everywhere….no….need to make a more balanced chompy composition.
Grow Mushroom Color Process 6
Ok this is starting to get better, off-axis, a big chompy thing, and larger less haunted grass. Nearly there!
Red Sub
And done! Made the background a little darker, shined up the red mushroom, that’s all I wrote! It looks delicious! But yeah…those plants will bite ya!

Finally got that piece done and out of my WIP folder, yeesh! Now I have to start a bunch more, why do my hobbies feel more like compulsions!?


2 thoughts on “Grow Up Mario!

    1. Glad ya like it! Took me ages to finish the darn thing! I’m currently working on 3 more goofy ideas that should be a lot simpler. I wonder if Mario will manage to snag that mushroom before the baby piranha plant grows up!


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