More Goofy Art

So we’re packing up the hab now, half or more of everything I even had has been packed and is ready to ship back to Honolulu. Between doing chores and trying to eat all the good food left in the hab, I of course have been doodling a bit more. Today’s theme, the sea!

I’m a lover of puns (who isn’t right?) and lately my drawings have been reflecting that a bit. I also have something of a fascination with the octopus, it’s in several of my other drawings, and one night when I’d had a bit too much chocolate and was sugar-high I thought octo as in octopus and puss as in a cat. Like Puss in Boots, but an octopus!

It’s hard living in my head at times, yeah…

I didn’t actually manage to save progress drawings of this one, because it was all done entirely on the computer (didn’t really sketch it) and it’s a simple flat style of art, so it sort of just came together really fast and sketch layers were rapidly painted over. But still, the work amuses me and I love to share, so here ya go!

Octopuss Submission
One of the lesser known sea monsters

I’ve got this guy up on Threadless right now too, hopefully it’ll do ok in the voting! Haven’t won a design submission on there yet…but someday! Here’s the link if you want to leave a fun comment or something!

Assorted colors, like skittles!

Finally, I can of course make it whatever color I want. I do like the navy and silver…but that red one is cool too. Or the teal! Which colors do you like? What are even some of your favorite color combos? If you were to have this design on say…a throw pillow, what would you want the color to be?

Be back soon with more art, and probably terrified shrieks from having a million people bothering us every minute of the day the second we get out of here. I wish there were a way to fulfill our media obligations while also being left entirely alone. I just want to go on a walk and get a hamburger, le sigh…I shall have you soon, bacon/avocado burger from Teddy’s….soon…!!



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