The Dissertation

I’ve finally finished the doctoral work, phew! It’s not perfect, though nothing you put years into ever will be, but deadlines are deadlines and you’ve gotta submit the work eventually! It’s a huge load off being “done”, even if I still need to do my public presentation. Still, I’ve had my last university class ever, have 3 copies being bound…guess it’s time to clean up the resume and start looking for jobs! If anyone needs a space architect at their firm, hit me up, really!

The link! I’ve placed it on Issuu for anyone to read, but I gotta warn’s kinda long.

And a few pictures, since I’ve got them in there, but hey how many people are really going to read to the end anyways right? This’ll save you some trouble…dissertation graphic design and renderings!

Earth Environmental Glyph
A description of the benefits or lack thereof of Earth as an Extreme Environment. Spoiler alert, we do pretty well here and it’s not that harsh. Composition of the atmosphere and some fun facts.
Lunar Environmental Diagram
Wanna live on the Moon? You’ll need to have a basic review of the environment first. Know before you go!
Mars Environmental Diagram
Definitely trying to get to this place, who knows if that’ll happen anytime soon…but hey fingers crossed. I’d so give this one a shot if SpaceX or whoever decided to send me one of these days!
Space Environmental Diagram
Hey space is an environment too! Or sorta the lack of one…but hey, semantics. We could do really well here, it’ll just take some ingenuity and a little bit of hard work. Ok an indescribable amount of hard work, but probably less than you’d imagine. Someday!
Dome Interior
A potential interior of a dome purely meant for crew relaxation and socialization. Less of a waste of space than you’d imagine, you can’t live forever in a place built for machine efficiency.
Bowie Base Perspective Render
Northern half of the HI-SEAS quarry if my design work were ever to be seriously funded and they let me build it. Of course that’s not going to happen…but it’d be cool! I wish I’d had that much space to wander around…le sigh…
Bowie Base Plan View
The entire project as viewed from above. Every major skylight in our quarry capped and inhabited, full of life, plants and people, rock on. It’d be a huge step forward in our understanding of how to make these things on the actual Mars. And to think my year was spent in JUST that tiny grey dome…so cramped!

Hope you all enjoyed the pics and the hours upon hours of reading! Been fun putting all this together, and kinda nightmarish at times, but hey such is grad school. Finally…free!


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