First Episode of Dutch Discussion Series

Hey everybody!

I know it’s been forever, but things are starting to happen a little bit. The last few weeks have been me finishing portfolio (I should really put that up) and starting to apply for jobs around the world. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here yet, but I was fortunate enough to be asked to partake in a series of discussions on various issues facing society today.

Essentially, I was flown out to Greece, and was part of a group of people from around the world sharing different viewpoints and attempting to discuss (sometimes not always calmly) these issues based on our own ideas on what’s right or moral. The show is called “What’s the Right Thing to Do” and has an online link that will let you watch the first episode, which centers around the immigration crisis. While more a debate on ethical examples than a specific real world story, you might enjoy seeing your notions of right and wrong challenged, or not. I’ve linked it below.

Immigration Episode

There will be 5 episodes released over the next month and change, I’ll try to throw them up here and for anyone that would enjoy a nice philosophical debate, enjoy! I will preface this by saying most of us gently disagreed with each other on specific, light points. But there’s one person in there who is shockingly for or against just…some pretty fundamental issues. It was discomfiting to actually have these debates while filming because of the ideology of that individual, eek.

But, I must get to the library and keep working! I’ll try to get some more random updates about work and life and the crazy things that randomly happen. Till then…I dunno, stay groovy yo!





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