First Work Portfolio

Ok so this is a piece of work that’ll be changing…well, always, as more projects get done, but for NOW it is the summation of any project I felt didn’t completely suck from my time at university. Honestly, you go through some of your old work and you just…shudder! I think I compare myself too much to the people who are putting super crazy good stuff up on Issuu as well, just…you see the projects people have put together and you’re like…how’d they even do that!? Everyone is their own worst critic I suppose.

So! Here is the latest portfolio. Just go full screen and enjoy the renders!

The big project in this one is of course the design work of the dissertation, which you can see on a prior blog entry, but there is also a lot of the urban planning graduate work, multi-use buildings, etc and whatnot. A bit of art, which you can also see in past entries to this blog.

I’ve sent out the portfolio before this of course, showing pals that I got it done, but am trying to keep this more up to date. I’ll hopefully have more art, info on the book I’m putting together, and awesome architecture projects as they come along!

Be groovy people!


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