I’m an architectural graduate student getting his doctorate in Hawai’i. Had a great chance to join the HI SEAS 4 mission, as my thesis is based on designing for extreme environments and outer space, focusing on the physical, social, and psychological needs of future scientists and astronauts. Only way to get a real handle on that was to experience it myself.

In my spare time, I like to do art for t-shirt designs, write a lot to family and friends, and generally get into trouble. Nothing too bad, but if a cardboard box is just sitting in the middle of the room, stay away from it, it’s a trap. Just ask Admiral Akbar.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog as I spend my year on Simulated Mars, and you can see goofy stuff on my Twitter as well. I have also included one of the shops I enjoy using, on the off chance you would like to make my month by wearing one of my designs in the real world.

All my space love,


One thought on “About

  1. Dear, Tistan Bassingthwaighte
    My name is Jeong Kim.
    I am a journalist of a kids science magazine ‘Kids Science Dong-A’ in Republic of Korea.
    ‘Kids Science Dong-A’ is an educational science magazine for elementary school students in Korea. (Reference site : http://kids.dongascience.com/)

    I’m preparing a special issue about the movie .
    So I’m covering the real Manned mission to Mars and HI-SEAS.

    I would like ask you to give me an opportunity to interview you(HI-SEAS4 crew) through E-mail, so I can introduce HI-SEAS life to students in Korea in October.

    Can I interview about your current Mars mission on Earth?

    I am very looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Thank you

    From. Jeong Kim


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